Saturday, 21 May 2011

Cities in the News (14-20 May 2011)

The Independent reports on how the Indian government is buying up cheap farm land and selling it on for a premium to housing developers.  This has caused local outrage and violent protests.

The Guardian celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jane Jacobs' book, 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities'.  The article discusses how Jacobs' ideas about community and neighbourhoods were a precursor to contemporary ideas on the 'Big Society'.

The Report on BBC Radio 4 discusses the growth of supermarkets in the wake of the riots in Bristol connected to the opening of a new Tesco store.  The programme talks to local Councillors who propose whether supermarkets should have a specifc Use Class in the planning system to differentiate them fro other shops.

The Independent reports on how Little Italy in New York is no longer populated by Italians, according to the recent Census.  The article discusses how the original Italian immigrants have moved to the suburbs and what this means for the original neighbourhood in Manhattan.

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